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Rhinoplasty - Nose Aesthetics

Look Better With Rhinoplasty!

Operation Duration

2 - 3 HOURS





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Having the Ideal-looking Nose Goes by Maje Clinic


Reshape the most important feature of your face with our rhinoplasty services. Achieve harmonic and natural-looking results with the delicate touches of our experienced surgeons and our personalized plans. Emphasize your unique beauty, create a more confident ‘you’.

01. Closed Rhinoplasty
02. Nose Tip Aesthetics
03. Secondary Nose Aesthetics
04. Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty
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About Rhinoplasty

What is Rhinoplasty?

While the cosmetic appearance is improved with rhinoplasty, respiratory problems can also be corrected. With the nose reconstruction, the problem of appearance different from the side profile is eliminated and the ideal nose image is obtained.

What Are the Types of Rhinoplasty?

There are many methods of rhinoplasty surgery depending on the nose structure and the desired result. These include options such as open surgery, closed surgery, 3D surgery, dynamic surgery, and non-buffered surgery.

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    Nose Aesthetics - Rhinoplasty Operations


    The nose is an organ that greatly affects our appearance. Rhinoplasty is very popular in the recent period among men and women. While the cosmetic appearance is improved with rhinoplasty, breathing problems can also be corrected on the one hand. With the nose reconstruction, the problem of different appearance from the side profile is eliminated and the ideal nose image is obtained.

    Who Can Have Rhinoplasty Surgery?

    • For those who are not aesthetically satisfied with the appearance of the nose,
    • Those who have suffered a trauma that causes deformation of the nose,
    • For those who have difficulty in nasal breathing due to bone structure,
    • Those who are uncomfortable with the growth at the tip of the nose depending on age,
    • For those who are uncomfortable with their nasal arch,
    • For those who have meat in the nose,
    • For those who has previously undergone rhinoplasty surgery and need a second operation.
    • It can be done to men and women over the age of 18.

    What Are The Types of Rhinoplasty Operations?

    According to the structure of the nose and the desired result, there are many methods of rhinoplasty surgery.These include options such as open surgery, closed surgery, 3D surgery, dynamic surgery, surgery without tampon. Closed nose surgery, which has a shorter recovery time, is often preferred.

    How Is The Rhinoplasty Operation Planned?

    When it is decided that it is desirable to have a rhinoplasty operation, the surgeon who will perform the operation first examines your nose structure and the necessary tests are provided. After that, the patient shows the desired nose shape to his/her doctor with a clear visual and transmits his/her complaint. The suitability status, whether it will suit the physiognomic structure of patient, the method of surgery is decided in consultation with the doctor.

    Nose Aesthetic Surgery

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    Things to Consider Before Surgery

    In the last two weeks before the operation, the use of drugs that dilute blood and increase bleeding should be decelerated. If the patient is smoking, he/she should stop using it, because smoking slows down the healing process after nose surgery and increases the risk of inflammation.

    Things to Consider After Surgery

    When the operation is successfully completed under general anesthesia, an ice compress is first applied to the patient’s eyes. After the operation, patient can register off from the hospital on the same day or the morning of the next day. Patients can stand up after 5 hours. After 2 days, the patients can gradually return to their daily routine. After the operation, smoking and drinking should be cutted off. The nose should be protected from any damage. Although the healing time of swelling and possible bruising after the operation varies from body to body, the average is 1.5 months.

    What is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

    Usually, this method is widely used to achieve the desired visual result without requiring surgery. This procedure can be performed by using ‘fillers’ for patients with asymmetrical nose structure and side profile inequality.

    What is Nose Tip Aesthetics?

    In cases of nose tip is low or upturned, nose tip aesthetics can be performed without interfering with the nasal bone.