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Non-Surgical Hair Techniques

Non-Surgical Hair Techniques

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Non-Surgical Treatments for Healthy Hair

Non-Surgical Hair Treatments

Revive your hair with our non-surgical hair treatments. With modern techniques and scientific approaches, we are at your side to achieve the best results. It’s time to get healthy, full hair.

01. VSF
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What are Non-Surgical Hair Techniques?


With advanced tissue engineering, it has been observed that multipotent mesenchymal cells are obtained in abundance not only from bone marrow but also from adipose tissue. Fat tissue, which is used as a source in stem cell treatments, and cells rich in growth factors obtained from the regenerative cell group heal the damaged tissue.

Growth Factor Therapy

Growth factor treatment, with its rich protein content, revitalizes and nourishes the hair follicles, reduces thinning and shedding, strengthens the hair strands, and provides a healthy hair growth cycle.

Non-Surgical Hair Techniques
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    vsf Vasküler Stromal FraksiyonIthas been oberved that multipotent mesenchymal cells are obtained in large quantities not only from bone marrow but also from human adipose tissue with the help of advanced tissue engineering technologies. These cells(technical name stromal vascular fraction) which are obtained from fatty tissue show a regenerative effect on the scalp area when are injected with the mesotherapy tecnique.These cells show their regenerative effects by secreting extracellular matrix proteins, lipid mediators, growth factors, cytokines in the tissue where they are applied. When applied to the hair tissue, they increase the formation of new vessels, ensuring that the hair follicles receive more nutrients and oxygen, the hair follicles stimulated in this way come to life and begin to grow.

    To Whom Can VSF be Applied?

    • For those who experience hair loss,
    • People who have decided hair transplantation (during the operation or 1 month later after the procedure),
    • To patients who have undergone hair transplantation (1 year after the operation in order to strengthen the hair follicles),
    • It can be applied to those who have sparse hair.

    The application is a kind of stem cell therapy. The observed results when applied by combining mecenzimal cells taken from a person with lipid tissue cells are shiny and healthy hair which has stopped falling out and new baby hair formation, new hair begins to grow on the scalp. It is recommended to do this treatment once a year.

    Growth Factor Therapy

    Saç Growth Factor Terapisi

    The procedure, called Growth Factor Therapy, is performed for an average of 10 sessions, provided that it is 1 session per week. In this treatment, which does not require local or general anesthesia, growth factor is deposited into the scalp accompanied by circular movements with the help of a device with micro needles at the tip. Sessions lasting an average of 20-25 minutes are completed in an average of 2.5 months. Growth factor treatment revitalizes and nourishes hair follicles with its rich protein content, reduces thinning and loss and strengthens hair strands, provides a healthy hair growth cycle.

    Who Can Growth Factor Therapy be Applied to?

    • For those who experience hair loss (male type or female type),
    • For those who observe hair sparseness,
    • It can be applied to people who want to strengthen hair follicles and get a more lush hair structure.

    Hair Prp

    Platelet Rich Plazma tedavisi

    Platelet Rich Plasma, that is , plasma rich in platelets and growth factor. This rich content is obtained from the person’s own blood and applied to the tissue that is needed (scalp, face, neck, etc., we will talk about prp treatment applied to the scalp here.)

    How does the Prp process take place?

    • First of all, between 10-20 ml of blood is taken from the person (according to need).
    • The blood taken is separated by passing through a centrifugal device and rich plasma content is obtained.
    • Now the Platelet Rich Plasma procedure can be performed on the person’s scalp.

    With prp treatment, which is performed as 1 session per week or 1 in 2 weeks, an average of 5 sessions, thinning hair is strengthened, new baby hair is observed on the scalp, weakened hair follicles are strengthened and thickened. The average duration of the session is 30 minutes. As a result of the sessions, hair loss is stopped and hair quality is observed to increase. Although Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is often used as complementary treatment in hair transplantation operation, people who want to increase and maintain hair health and cycle and who do not have health barriers, who are in the early stage of hair thinning and baldness can easily apply for Platelet Rich Plasma treatment.

    Full Recovery Hair Treatment

    Full Recovery Saç Tedavisi

    Full recovery hair treatment, which we apply to women; is a 6-month treatment program applied to women who do not experience baldness with hair loss, but have lifeless, thinned hair structure, observe sparseness and unhealthy appearance in their hair. This treatment, which we have observed a long-lasting effect, is aimed at strengthening the hair follicles, healthy scalp, vitality and shiny appearance, rumbling and plump hair, especially in women with hijab.

    To Whom Can Full Recovery Hair Treatment be Performed?

    • For those who observe thinning and weakening of their hair as a result of loss of vitamins and minerals during breastfeeding,
    • For those whose hair weakens as a result of vitamin deficiency as a result of sudden and rapid weight loss,
    • In general, to those who complain of hair loss and lifeless appearance as a result of a lack of ingredients that strengthen hair follicles and strands, such as vitamins-biotin,
    • It is a hair treatment that we can apply to many women who observe an unhealthy appearance in their hair and scalp as a result of wearing hijab for a long time and complain of lifelessness and weakness of the hair.

    By applying different methods in Full Recovery Hair Treatment, the hair and scalp strengthens, the effectiveness of the cell metabolism is stimulated with content rich plasma obtained from patients own blood cells, hair roots are strengthened ; with multivitamins, amino acids, hair mesotherapy ingredients the capillary circulation is accelerated,and the scalp tissue is rejuvenated. In addition to these applications, this treatment protocol, which we support with a laser comb, is performed in sessions with an average of 2 weeks and covers a period of 6 months.