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Non-Surgical Face Lift

Non-Surgical Face Lift

Say Goodbye to Wrinkles and Sagging!

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Non-Surgical Face Lift
Get Rid of Your Wrinkles Painlessly!

Face Lift

Get a younger and more energetic look with our Non-Surgical Face Lift Aesthetics services. Regain the firmness and elasticity of your skin with safe and minimally invasive techniques applied by our experts. Contact us for a fast and effective rejuvenation that does not require surgery.

01. Non-Surgical Face Lift
02. Liquid Face Lift
03. Face Lift With Spring Thread Method
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About Non-Surgical Face Lift

What is a Non-Surgical Face Lift?

Non-surgical facelift operations are not performed by surgical methods. It can be easily applied to people aged 30 and over, and to people who do not prefer surgery.

Face Lift With Spring Thread Method

Face lift with the rope suspension technique can be performed on people aged 18 and over who observe cheek sagging on their face, want the eye area to be more taut, and complain about the sagging structure in the chin.

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    Non-Surgical Face Lift Aesthetics

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    Non-surgical face lift operations are not performed by surgical methods. They can be easily applied to people with an average age of 30 and older, who do not prefer surgery. If the person is not in the advanced stages of aging process, these operations can be performed easily.

    Liquid Face Lift Procedure

    People who are not in the advanced stages of the aging process and who experience mild to moderate sagging of the facial tissue due to a decrease in elasticity and collagen amount are suitable for a liquid face lift procedure. During the procedure, fine wrinkles are opened, slight sagging is recovered and the skin appearance is rejuvenated.

    How Is The Liquid Face Lift Performed?

    Liquid face lift operation can be performed with a combined mixture with fillers and mesotherapy ingredients. Fillers rich in hyaluronic acid are usually used as fillers, which act as elastin and collagen in the skin. The skin is numbed superficially and operation will be completed in an interval of 30 min to 1 hour. Care should be taken not to touch the water for 24 hours after the procedure. After the procedure is performed, daily life can be resumed and the person can carry out the activities and trips they have planned. The liquid face lift procedure shows a permanency between 1 and 1.5 years on average and its permanence can be spread over much longer periods with reinforcement procedures.

    What Effect Does The Liquid Face Lift Have On The Face?

    • Removes the appearance of wrinkles,
    • The lost moisture of the skin is restored,
    • Elevates the look of a collapsed cheek
    • Corrects sagging chin, cheek and eye contour appearance,
    • Gives the skin a healthy and plump appearance.

    Face Lift With Spring Thread Method

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    The face lift with the spring thread technique can be performed for people aged 18 years and older who observe sagging cheeks on the face, want the eye area to be more tense, and complain of a sagging tissue on the chin. Just as it is possible for a person to age in direct proportion to the age received, in some cases, sagging may be observed at an early age due to genetic conditions. In these cases, deformation and unhealthy appearance on the skin can be corrected with the spring thread method, which is a non-surgical face lift procedure. It is one of the most preferred non-surgical face lift methods with its permanent duration.

    How Is The Face Lift Performed With Spring Thread?

    The thread used in the spring thread technique can be different about their structure and they may be temporary or more permanent. The procedure begins with local numbing of the skin and is completed in an average of 30 minutes. The threads have a special texture and therefore adhere under the skin and easily create the desired stretching effect. The threads are passed under the skin with a special needle and are usually attached to the hairy area above the ear in the direction of stretching, in this way, the procedure is successfully completed without the need for stitches. Daily life can be resumed immediately after the procedure, but facial yoga, facial massage and heavy exercise-style activities should be avoided for about a week. With the spring thread technique, the lifting effect on the face manifests itself immediately after the procedure. The permanency of the procedure is more than 2-3 years if a more permanent thread is used, if temporary threads are used, the average duration is 1-2 years. These periods can increase and decrease depending on the person’s metabolic rate and age.

    How Does The Spring Thread Method Effect On The Face?

    • Wrinkles are opened,
    • The sagging tissue on the face recovers and becomes rejuvenated,
    • A more radiant skin structure is achieved,
    • Rewinds the signs of aging of the person and the skin regains a healthier appearance.