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Neck Lift and Tickle Lift Surgery

Neck Lift And Jowl Lift Surgeries

Get Rid of Sagging Neck and Jowl Area!

Operation Duration

2 - 4 HOURS




14 DAY

Neck Lift and Tickle Lift Surgery
Get a More Elegant and Young Look!

Neck Lift And Jowl Lift Aesthetics

Achieve an elegant and rejuvenated look with our Neck Lift And Jowl Lift Aesthetics services. The delicate touches of our professional surgeons define your jawline and correct sagging in your neck area. Contact us for a tighter, straighter and younger profile.

01. Neck Lift Aesthetics
02. Jowl Lift Aesthetics
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About Neck Lift and Double Aesthetics

What is Neck Aesthetics?

The neck area of the person is one of the areas where aging cannot be hidden the most. Although the person can reverse the aging process on the face with fillers and other non-surgical methods, the signs of aging in the person continue to show themselves as long as the neck area is not intervened.

What is Jowl Lift Aesthetics?

The jowl is a region where it is difficult to hide youth and vitality. Even if the person rejuvenates the facial features with fillers or other non-surgical treatments, signs of aging appear unless the jowl is intervened. Therefore, it is important to consider jowl aesthetics for a young and dynamic appearance.

Neck Lift and Tickle Lift Surgery
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    Neck Lift And Jowl Lift

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    The neck area of a person is one of the areas where aging cannot be hidden. Although the person undoes the aging process on his/her face with fillers and other non-surgical methods, the signs of aging in the person continue to show themselves as long as the neck area is not intervened. Due to the structure of the neck, the aging process proceeds differently for each person. In some people, signs of aging are observed earlier due to genetic factors, in others, the face and neck lines tend to sag structurally anyway. Neck and jowl lifting operations can often accompany face lifting operations as well as be performed separately.

    What Are The Signs Of Aging On The Neck And Jowl Line?

    • Double chin (jowl) appearance,
    • Wrinkles and line appearances,
    • Loss of firmness of the neck skin, the appearance of loosened neck skin,
    • Double band appearance on the neck skin (the muscles holding the neck skin get weaker, and creates a band appearance.
    • Spotting in the neck area

    Who Can The Neck And Jowl Stretching Operation Be Performed For?

    • People who want to have a face lift operation may also consider neck and jowl lift surgery.
    • People who observe deformation in the neck area due to age,
    • Those who do not genetically have a streched neck and jowl area,
    • Those who observe sagging in the jowl area after the loss of weight rapidly.
    • Those who cannot achieve as much shaping as hoped in the jowl area during the weight loss process,
    • Neck and jowl stretching operation can be performed for people aged 18 years and older who do not have any health problems, it is suitable for who want a more taut and tight jowl and neck image.

    What Are The Neck And Jowl Lifting Operation Techniques?

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    Liposuction Technique

    If a person complains of excess fat in the upper part of the neck and jowl, and if this is not in excessive proportions, it is possible to achieve the desired image of the neck and jowl area with the liposuction technique. However, if the person has sagging skin, and it is thought that the sagging skin cannot recover easily after liposuction, it may be necessary to support this operation with a face and neck lift operation. If the liposuction technique is deemed sufficient by the surgeon to shape the neck and jowl, this operation is completed successfully within an average of 2 hours under local anesthesia with the preference of the person. Small incisions are opened under the chin and the excess fat is removed from there with very thin cannulas. A neck brace is worn for 1 week after the operation.

    Neck And Jowl Stretching Technique Performed Together With Face Lifting

    One of the last and unrecognizable signs of the aging process is deformation and sagging in the neck and jowl area. Not only the aging process, but also skin sagging in the neck and jowl area can occur as a result of rapid weight loss. Elastic fibers in the neck area are much lower in quantity than in the face area, so a neck lift procedure is usually included in face lift operations. Because if the face lift operation is performed individually, there may occur a big difference between the neck area and the decollete.

    So How Is The Anatomy Of The Neck Area? How To Observe Aging And Deformation?

    As it passes from the face area to the neck area, the tissue we call SMAS thins and leaves its place in the muscle called Platysma. With the aging process,this thin muscle tissue,weakens and loses its firmness, as a result of which a strip appearance occurs on the neck. In addition to these, the neck skin, which is exposed to too much sun and loses its moisture, also participates in this deformation process with time, and as a result, a neck appearance seems thinned, sagging, has lost its firmness and has pigmentation problems.

    How Does The Neck Lift Operation Take Place Together With The Face Lift?

    As in the face lift operation, an incision is opened from the front of the ear to the back of the ear, and in addition to the face lift procedure, the neck skin is lifted from the top of the platysma muscle and stretched behind the ear. The face lift operation lasts 4 hours under general anesthesia and when accompanied by a neck lift operation, the operation is successfully completed in an average of 5 hours.

    After the operation, the same procedure is applied as the face lift operation. So;

    • After the operation, rest is given in the hospital for 1 day.
    • A special neck brace to be given by the surgeon after the operation should continue to be used for 1-2 weeks to prevent unwanted edema and swelling. It takes an average of 1 month for swelling and bruises to go away after the operation.
    • The tapes attached to the eye and cheek area after the operation should not be removed for 1 week.
    • Alcohol should not be consumed for up to 6 weeks after the operation, smoking should be avoided. Because it negatively affects the recovery process after the operation.
    • After the stitches and bandages are removed, you can enter the shower.
    • After the facelift operation, a return to daily life can be made at the end of 2 weeks.
    Open Midline Neck Lift Technique

    It is a technique used in patients in the advanced age group where neck skin sagging is at an advanced level also. The excess sagging skin is cut off from the middle of the neck and removed by forming a vertical scar. This technique is used in people with too much sagging, and it is not possible to reconstruct the skin with just a face lifting operation.