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Mid Face Lift Surgery

Mid Face Lift Aesthetic Surgery

More Defined Face Lines and Smooth Face!

Operation Duration

3 - 6 HOURS





Mid Face Lift Surgery
Maje Clinic is at Your Service for Young and Wrinkle-Free Facial Lines

Mid Face Lift

Restore the energetic and youthful appearance of your face with our Mid Face Lift Aesthetics services. Our expert surgeons offer a lively and fresh expression by targeting relaxation and collapse in the central area of your face. Rediscover your youth and boost your self-confidence.

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About Mid Face Lift Aesthetics

What is Mid Face Lift Aesthetics?

The region we call the middle face covers the region from the outer border of the eyes to the upper lip. The cheeks and under-eye areas that begin to sag due to age or due to genetic and environmental conditions are stretched with this surgery, resulting in a more taut appearance.

How is a Mid Face Lift Performed?

If there is no complaint under the eyes, the mid-face lift operation is performed by entering the scalp using the endoscopic method. The operation period is completed in an average of 3 hours under general anesthesia.

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    Mid Face Lift Aesthetics

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    The region we call the middle face covers the area starting from the outer border of the eyes and up to the upper border of the lips.The cheek and under-eye areas, which have begun to sag due to age or due to the influence of genetic and environmental conditions, are stretched with this surgery to achieve a more taut appearance.

    Who Can Perform The Mid-Face Lift Operation To?

    • To those who observe sagging and deformation in the mid-face line due to age intake with the effect of time,
    • For those who have lost their former fullness in their cheeks with the effect of gravity,
    • Those who are genetically prone to sagging and sagging nasolabial region,
    • For those who observe ringingness under the eyes,
    • It can be easily applied to all persons aged 18 and over who do not have a health disability.

    How Is The Mid-Face Lift Operation Performed?

    Orta Yüz Germe Operasyonu Nasıl Gerçekleştirilir?

    If there are no complaints under the eyes, the mid-face lift operation is performed using the endoscopic method by making an entrance through the hairy skin on the head. The duration of the operation is completed within an average of 3 hours under general anesthesia. If it also requires intervention under the eye, this procedure is performed by opening an incision from the bottom of the eyelashes under the eye. The duration of the operation in this case is on average 4 hours. If operations such as eyebrow lifting will accompany this operation, then the average duration of the operation should be added plus 1 hour. If there are no complaints under the eye, another method that can be used is to open an incision in the temple and mouth. An incision is opened in the mouth both in the temporal region of the person and in parallel with this, and the skin is loosened by meeting in the middle from both sides, after which the skin is attached to the skin membrane in the temporal region with the applied threads, and the stretching process is completed. This method is highly preferred among young patients who do not have complaints under the eyes.


    What Should Be Considered Before The Mid-Face Lift Operation?

    • Smoking should be avoided for 3- 4 weeks before the operation.
    • Again, if it is used, up to 1 week before the operation, the use of products such as blood thinners, aspirin, vitamin supplements, detox teas should be avoided.

    What Should Be Considered After The Mid-Face Lift Operation?

    • After the operation, rest is given in the hospital for 1 day.
    • After the operation, special tapes are attached under the eye and these tapes should not be removed for 5 days.
    • Alcohol should not be consumed for up to 6 weeks after the operation, smoking should be abandoned.
    • After the bandages and stitches are removed, patient can take a shower.
    • 1 or 1,5 week after the operation, patient can return to his/her daily routines, but it takes an average of 1 month for edema and bruising to heal.