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Maje Clinic to Have Younger Skin


Renew and revitalize your skin with our Mesotherapies Applications. Restore the vitality, elasticity and youthfulness of your skin with special solutions applied directly to the lower layers of the skin. For fast and effective results, mesotherapy is the ideal way to achieve a healthy and glowing skin.

01. Mesotherapy Application
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About Mesotherapy

What is Mesotherapy Application?

Mesotherapy is the technique of applying the enzymes, multivitamins, minerals or amino acids that the person’s skin needs with micro needles, alone or in a mixture, to the skin of the person by microinjection.

In Which Areas Is Mesotherapy Applied?

Mesotherapy can be used for skin tightening, lifting, anti-aging, spot treatment, scar treatment in face, hand, neck and chest areas.

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    Mesotherapy Application

    Mezoterapi hakkında

    Mesotherapy process is a technique of applying enzymes, multivitamins, minerals or amino acids needed by the person’s skin with microneedles by microinjection technique. Mesotherapy application can be performed wherever the body needs. The contents of mesotherapy are determined according to the needs and wishes of the person. Application can be made with the purposes of skin tightening, lifting, blemish and scar treatment, anti-aging, fat burning.

    With various mesotherapy techniques applied, the skin regains the moisture it has lost, the appearance of spots, scars and impurities is reduced, the appearance of wrinkles is reduced, the elasticity of the skin increases and tightening is observed. The brightness of the skin increases and a healthy and moisture-saturated skin is obtained with color inequalities eliminated. Mesotherapies are alleviated the appearance of tired skin. Anyone who does not have any health obstacles and who wants to improve the skin quality can have mesotherapy application after consultation with the doctor.

    Mesotherapy is the technique of applying vitamins, minerals, amino acids or enzymes by microinjection to the middle layer of the skin alone or usually in a mixture. The mesotherapy ingredients to be injected are selected in accordance with the person and the wishes of the person.

    Mesotherapy can be used for skin tightening, lifting, anti-aging, spot treatment, scar treatment in face, hand, neck, chest areas.

    In facial mesotherapy, many ingredients can be applied in a mixture, as well as individual ingredients can be used. These are pure hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids and polypeptides, coenzymes and nucleic acids, salmon DNA, etc.

    In mesotherapy application, the area to be treated is anesthetized with anesthesia creams and then the contents are injected into the areas of the skin in the form of small dots. The average processing time is 20 minutes. After mesotherapy, a person can easily continue his daily life, but on the first day after the procedure, water should not touch the face and makeup should not be applied. Sunscreen should definitely be applied before going out into the sun.

    Mesotherapy procedures are performed as 1 session per week with a minimum of 3 sessions.

    The mesotherapy procedure should not be applied to people with the following conditions;

    • For those who are pregnant,
    • To nursing mothers,
    • For those who are being treated for cancer.

    If there is no objection to mesotherapy as a result of the person’s consultation with the doctor, the applications can be started.