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Fat Injection To The Face

Fat Injection To The Face

Wrinkle-free days are waiting for you!

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Look Young With Fat Injection!

Fat Injection to the Face

Get a natural and rejuvenated look with our Facial Oil Injection services. Give your skin fullness and vitality with this innovative procedure using your own oil. Contact us for a fresh and renewed skin with our sensitive and personalized treatments.

01. Fat Injection to the Face
02. Nano-Fat Transfer
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About Fat Injection to the Face

What is Fat Injection into the Face?

Today, Fat Injection is widely used in Brazilian buttock, breast augmentation, beautifying the forehead oval, beautifying the shape and volume of the lips, highlighting the cheekbones, genital operations and hand rejuvenation.

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    Fat Injection Application to the Face

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    Fat Injection is widely used today in brazilian butt, breast augmentation, forehead oval beautification, lip shape and volume beautification, cheekbone definition, genital operations and hand rejuvenation procedures. However, when the fat taken with liposuction and injected into the face under the eyes or eyelids, it can create a feeling of artillery at the bottom. For this purpose, a technique called nano-fat transfer is applied for facial fat injections today. Lipids that are structurally thick are separated and liquefied by this method. In this way, the fat to be injected is thinned and it adapts much more comfortably to the area to be applied. There is no problem to continue daily life and trips after facial fat injection procedures.