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Eyelid Aesthetics (Blepharoplasty)

Eyelid Aesthetics (Blepharoplasty)

For Sharp and Attractive Glances!

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Eyelid Aesthetics (Blepharoplasty)
Have an Attractive and Sharp Look!


Get a younger and more vibrant look with our eyelid aesthetics (blepharoplasty) services. Our experienced surgeons precisely trim the excess skin around your eyes. We help you present a rested and energetic expression by emphasizing the natural beauty of your eyes.

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About Eyelid Aesthetics

What is Eyelid Aesthetics?

Although upper eyelid sagging and folding are associated with the aging process, genetic factors, weight problems, stress and the tiring effects of daily life actually affect sagging and ringing around the eyes.

How is Eyelid Aesthetics Operation Performed?

Upper eyelid operations are usually performed by making an incision in the fold area with a scalpel or by applying heat through a cautery device.

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    Eyelid Aesthetics

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    Our eyes are the organ we use the most while communicating. We want to talk by looking into someone’s eyes and communicate that way. However, while our eyes reflect the emotions we feel, they also reflect our age, fatigue, insomnia. Although upper eyelid sagging and folds are associated with the aging process, genetic factors, weight problem; stress and the exhausting life style have an influence on the deformation of the around eye area.

    Just as sagging can be seen in the upper eyelid, there may also be sagging and bagging on the lower eyelid.It would be wrong to associate this problem only with the eyelid structure.. Mid-facial sagging also affects the appearance of the lower eyelid. For this reason, eyelid aesthetics with a mid-face lift operation are usually performed in combination.

    Who can perform the Eyelid Aesthetic Operation?

    • Those who are disturbed by the tired appearance around the eyes,
    • Those who are uncomfortable with the folding line of the upper eyelid,
    • Those who are uncomfortable with bagging and sagging under the lower eyelid skin,
    • Those who have sagging problems under the eyes due to weight loss,
    • Those who are disturbed by the image formed on the eyelid after trauma or an infection
    • Those who complain of sagging due to aging and gravity,
    • It is an operation applicable to every person who wants to beautify his/her look at the age of 18 and above and who does not have a health disability.

    How is the Eyelid Aesthetic Operation Performed?

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    Upper eyelid operations are usually performed by making an incision in the folding area with a scalpel or by giving heat through a cautery device. Lower eyelid operations, on the other hand, can be performed with an incision from the bottom of the eyelashes of the lower eyelid or from the inner part of the eyelid, if the problem is not due to the midface line.The eyelid aesthetic operation is completed within 1 hour under general or local anesthesia if the face lift operation will not be performed.

    How does the process go after the Eyelid Aesthetic Operation?

    • After eyelid aesthetics, the person stays in the hospital for a few hours and an ice compress is applied to the eyes for 15 minutes every hour. After a few hours, the person can leave the hospital.
    • A person should avoid heavy work and exercise and bending over frequently.
    • A shower can be taken on the condition that water does not touch the face and hair on the evening of the operation day.
    • Bandages are removed 3 days after the operation.
    • The stitches are removed 1 week after the operation.
    • After the operation, on the third day, person can return to her/his daily routine.
    • After eyelid aesthetics, the incisions heal very easily and the scars disappear completely after an average of 3 weeks.