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Dental Aesthetic Operations

Dental Aesthetic Operations

Have Shiny and Healthy Smiles!

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Dental Aesthetics

Teeth are very important as they shape our smile and are responsible for the aesthetic appearance. An unhealthy tooth or gum appearance can prevent a person from smiling. This can create problems such as self-confidence and abstention in the person. While many dental problems can be resolved in a single visit, some treatments and procedures may require more than one visit.

01. Hollywood Smile
02. Dental Implant Treatments
03. Dental Veneers
04. Dental Cleaning
05. Teeth whitening
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About Dental Aesthetics

Hollywood Smile Aesthetics

A beautiful smile, mouth and tooth structure is a very important factor affecting human communication. It is possible to create an ideal ‘hollywood actress smile’ with the hollywood smile design of the mouth, lips, gums and their proportions to the face.

Implant Treatment

Implant treatment is applied to people who have lost their teeth. It is an artificial tooth root application applied to people with a healthy mouth structure and jawbone.

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    Dental Aesthetic Operations

    Hollywood Smile Aesthetics

    diş estetiği ve gülüş estetiği

    Teeth are very important because they shape our smile and are responsible for our aesthetic appearance. The appearance of an unhealthy tooth or gums can prevent a person from smiling. This can also create problems such as self-confidence and abstention in a person. Just as many dental problems can be solved in a single visit, some treatments and procedures may require more than one visit.

    The Aesthetics of the Hollywood Smile

    A beautiful smile, mouth and tooth structure is a very important factor which affects human communication. It is possible to create an ideal ‘hollywood actress smile’ with the hollywood smile design of the mouth, lips, gums and their proportion to the face.

    With the Aesthetics of Hollywood Smile;

    • Crooked tooth appearance,
    • Yellow or stained tooth structure,
    • The appearance of gums during a smile or while talking,
    • Unhealthy gum structure,
    • Asymmetrical smile and tooth appearance,
    • The appearance of missing teeth,
    • Lumpy and cracked appearance on the tooth surface due to loss of enamel layer,

    can be solved by hollywood smile aesthetics.

    What treatments are performed in Hollywood Smile Aesthetics application?

    • Implant treatment if there is a missing tooth
    • Teeth whitening
    • Gum aesthetics
    • Gummy smile treatment
    • Dental veneers

    it may include treatments such as according to need.

    Hollywood Smile aesthetics is not a surgical operation. The oral area is anesthetized locally and the procedures are performed in this way. When a person decides on hollywood smile aesthetics, with a panoramic X-ray or any other desired examination, person helps to prepare a personalized treatment and design in advance by sending it to the doctor. After the panoramic X-ray is evaluated, the necessary applications are started to be planned. If a person is going to have treatments such as tooth extraction and filling, he/she can perform these procedures in his/her own country in order to shorten the treatment time here.

    Dental Implant Treatments

    diş implantı

    Implant treatment is applied to people who have experienced tooth loss. It is the application of artificial tooth root applied to people with a healthy oral structure and jawbone. In people with insufficient jaw bone or excessive bone tissue loss, first of all, a bone infrastructure-building treatment is applied for the implant, and then implant treatment is performed. After the implant treatment application, an average of 2 to 6 months should pass to have a dental prosthesis. However, according to the type of implant and bone structure to be applied, nowadays, some dental prostheses can be installed immediately after application. During the implant application, no cuts are made on the teeth adjacent to the toothless area. Implants are usually made of titanium.

    Dental Veneers

    diş kaplama

    Dental veneers, which are also used in Hollywood smile design, are frequently used for a healthy and beautiful mouth structure and smile. There are more than one types and materials of dental veneers.

    For what purpose are dental veneers preferred?

    • It is preferred after implant treatment for tooth deficiencies.
    • Broken, rotten, but in cases where the tooth root is healthy, both to save the tooth and to get a beautiful smile is one of the reasons for preference.
    • In case of the enamel layer is cracked , with the dental venners, teeth appearance gets more beautiful and healthy.
    • It is a procedure that is frequently applied to people aged 18 and over who want to achieve a more beautiful and aesthetic smile.

    What are the Types of Dental Veneers?

    • Porcelain Dental veneer with Metal Infrastructure: It is a type of porcelain dental veneer with a metallic substructure that is made after the person’s tooth size is taken. It is applied to the person after being shaped and polished with a special brush.
    • Ceramic Empress Dental Veneer: It is distinguished from other types of veneers by its high light transmittance. It is applied to the front of the teeth. It does not have a metal substructure.
    • Zirconium-Based Dental Veneer: Zirconium is used instead of metal material. It gives results close to natural teeth and has a high durability. It is often preferred.
    • Porcelain Laminate Dental Veneer: It is a dental coating method applied by gluing a thin sheet of porcelain to the front of the teeth with minimal abrasion.
    • Composite Laminate Dental Veneer: Again, a thin leaf is applied to the front surface of the teeth and a composite material is used. It is one of the veneer methods in which the closest results to natural teeth are observed.

    What are the Advantages of Dental Veneers?

    • They can be used for many years.
    • Discoloration of teeth does not occur when consuming beverages such as tea, coffee.
    • The teeth are healthier and the person’s smile becomes much more aesthetic.
    • The appearance of stained and yellowed teeth is prevented.

    A person should continue to pay attention to oral hygiene by brushing his/her teeth twice a day and flossing after having dental veneers.

    Dental Stone Cleaning

    diş temizleme diş beyazlatma

    Not paying enough attention to oral hygiene in a person’s daily life, improper and acidic nutrition can lead to the formation of tartar on the teeth. Dental stones can manifest themselves as yellow or brown spots on the tooth, as well as formation in the form of stones at the bottom of the teeth.

    Usually, the foods that cause the formation of dental calculus are foods with carbohydrates and sugars. In order to minimize the formation of dental calculus, it is necessary to pay attention to dental cleaning and dental care on a daily basis.

    In the field of dentistry, the cleaning process is performed by scraping dental stones with the help of professional devices. As a result of this procedure, all the stones found in the teeth are cleaned and a smooth aesthetic appearance is obtained. It will be appropriate for health to have dental stone cleaning 1 or 2 times a year.


    The teeth whitening process is an application that is often preferred by people who observe discoloration of their teeth for various reasons. The procedure is usually completed within 1 hour in a clinical setting.

    The effect of the gels used after the whitening procedure continues for about 24 hours and sensitivity may occur. For this reason, too cold, too hot, colored and acidic drinks should not be consumed for up to 2 days. It is useful not to consume colored liquids and colored foods in it. The teeth whitening process does not cause any damage to the teeth. Dental whitening can be performed in the form of home type, office type and, if necessary, a combination of the two.

    Home-type teeth whitening: It is a whitening procedure that is performed by placing carbamide-peroxide based gels inside plastic mouthpieces prepared for patient with a simple measure taken orally in a clinical setting and that a person can easily apply at home. The desired whitening can be achieved in an average of 5-7 days.

    Office-type teeth whitening: It is a simple and painless procedure that can be performed in an average of 1 hour in a dentist’s office. A high concentration of whitening agent is also used in this whitening method. In this way, it is possible to achieve whitened teeth very quickly, most of the time in a single session. Drinks and foods that give color, such as tea, coffee, acidic drinks, wine, tobacco products, should not be consumed for at least two days after the whitening procedure.