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Butt Aesthetics

Butt Aesthetics

Have a Round and Plump-looking Butt!

Operation Duration

1 - 3 HOURS





Butt Aesthetics
Maje Clinic is at Your Service for a Great-looking Butt

Butt Aesthetics

Revitalize your figure and increase your attractiveness with our Butt Lift services. Our expert surgeons offer natural and impressive results with personalized strategies. We guide you to create your ideal silhouette and feel more confident and comfortable.

01. BBL - Brazilian Butt Lift
02. Buttock Augmentation Aesthetics
03. Buttock Reduction Aesthetics
04. Buttocks Lift Aesthetics
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About Buttock Aesthetics

What is Butt Aesthetics?

Butt lift is divided into types such as butt enlargement, butt reduction, butt lift, brazilian butt lift, ie BBL. Men as well as women may want to have narrow or wide butts. It is possible with this operation to beautify the waist-hip ratio and to achieve rounded hips that are desired to create a waist fold.

What is Buttock Augmentation Aesthetics?

Buttock augmentation operation can be successfully performed with liposuction method from where the fat tissue is high and injected into the butt, or with silicone prosthesis or filler injection in cases where the fat tissue is not sufficient.

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    Butt Aesthetic Surgery

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    Buttock aesthetics are divided into types such as buttock augmentation, buttock reduction, buttock lift, brazilian butt lift, BBL. Men, as well as women, may want to have a narrow or wide buttocks. It is possible to beautify the waist-hip ratio, to create a waist curve, to get the desired round hips with this operation.

    Who Can Buttock Aesthetics Be Done For?

    • Those who experience a decrease in adipose tissue in the buttocks with excessive weight loss,
    • Those who are uncomfortable with the sagging image on the buttocks due to advancing age,
    • Those who want to have more rounded and defined buttocks,
    • Those who want to get steeper buttocks,
    • Those who want smaller buttocks,
    • Those who complain about the waist-hip ratio,
    • Apart from pregnant and breast-feeding mothers, anyone aged 18 and over who does not have a hereditary genetic condition can perform this operation in consultation with the surgeon.

    What Are The Types of Buttock Aesthetics, How Is It Done?

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    Buttock Augmentation Surgery

    Buttock augmentation operation can be performed successfully with silicone prosthesis or filler injection in cases where fat tissue is not enough, as well as fat can be collected and injected into the butt with liposuction method from where there is an excess of fat tissue. In the buttock augmentation surgery performed with fat injection, the buttock is not only enlarged, but also the tissue lost in cases of regional tissue loss is restored and asymmetries are corrected.

    In buttock augmentation surgeries with silicone prosthesis, an incision is opened in the butt groove and the prosthesis is placed inside in the desired form. Silicone prosthesis is often preferred in people whose adipose tissue is insufficient for butt augmentation surgery with fat injection.

    Apart from these, another butt augmentation method is Filler injection. With this method, also called aquafilling, these fillings are injected into the butt area with a needle. Although the average duration of permanence varies from body to body, this filling shows a lastingness of 5-8 years.

    How Is Buttock Augmentation Surgery Performed?

    The buttock augmentation operation is successfully completed between 1-3 hours on average under general anesthesia, the duration of the operation varies according to the buttock augmentation technique used.

    What Should Be Considered In General After Buttock Augmentation Surgery?

    • If the buttock augmentation operation is performed with fat injection, it can be continued in daily life after the operation, provided that the buttocks are not forced with exercises and sitting, but care should be taken not to sit for a long time. Exercises should not be done after the operation, but light walks can be started after 1 month.
    • If the Buttock Augmentation operation was performed by inserting a prosthesis, care should be taken to lie on your face for the first 2 weeks after the operation.
    • Do not take a shower for 3 days after the operation.
    • Smoking should be abandoned if possible after the operation, or at least for a period of up to 1 month. Smoking causes fat to melt faster than it should, especially in operations performed with fat injection.
    • The corset given by the surgeon should continue to be worn for an average of 1 month after surgery.

    Butt Reduction Surgery

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    Big buttocks as well as small buttocks can make a lot of people uncomfortable nowadays. The inability to fit into clothes can cause a lot of discomfort, such as disproportionate appearance. Especially in some people, the buttock area is not prone to weight loss, or the weight gained is taken in the buttock area. In these cases, both men and women find the solution by performing butt reduction surgery. Butt reduction surgery is performed with the liposuction technique and the excess fat tissue in the buttock is removed and shaped.

    Who Can Have Butt Reduction Surgery?

    • Men and women who complain of fat appearance in the buttock area,
    • Those who have not reached the desired thinness in the buttock area despite a healthy diet and exercise,
    • Those who complain about the waist-hip ratio,
    • Those who observe excessive fat in the butt area due to the hormone medications used,
    • And anyone aged 18 and over who does not have a health disability can perform this operation.

    How Is The Buttocks Reduction Operation Performed?

    The Butt Reduction Operation is successfully completed within 1-2 hours under general anesthesia. The operation is performed with the liposuction technique and in this way, the butt asymmetry is eliminated and the buttock area with excess fat is successfully achieved to the desired shape and smoothness.

    What Should Be Considered After the Butt Reduction Operation?

    Whether it is a buttock augmentation or reduction operation, during the first 2 weeks of butt aesthetic operations, you should lie on your face and not put pressure on the buttock area. After the operation, the corset given by the surgeon is worn for an average of 1 month and light walking exercises can be started at the end of 1 month. Smoking should be stopped for at least 1 month because it decelerates the healing process of bruises and suture marks and makes it difficult to get rid of edema.

    Buttocks Lift Surgery

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    With this operation performed by fat injection, thinning is achieved both in undesirable areas (abdomen, waist, hips) and successfully reaching the desired steepness and shape of the hips with the fat injected into the butt. Butt lift surgery is also performed by inserting a prosthesis or by filler injection method. The most accurate butt lift method by looking at the desired shape and physical structure of the person is selected in mutual consultation with the surgeon.

    Who Can The Butt Lift Surgery Be Performed For?

    • Those who complain of sagging butt as a result of getting older,
    • Those who genetically have a flat buttock structure,
    • Those who complain of buttocks that sag and loses volume as a result of rapid or sudden weight loss,
    • And people aged 18 and over who want to have a more flawless butt structure can consult with a doctor and perform this operation.

    How Is Butt Lift Surgery Performed?

    Butt lift operation can be performed with 3 different methods. With liposuction, fat can be collected from areas with excess fat and injected into the buttocks. With this method, both the excess fat in the unwanted areas is eliminated and the buttock area is successfully shaped according to the needs and desires of the person. Another butt lift method is performed by inserting a prosthesis. Prostheses suitable for the physiognomic structure of the person are selected and placed inside through the incisions opened. Filler injection can be considered as the last butt lift operation technique. Injected fillings show an average permanency of 5 to 8 years.

    The operation we call the Brazilian Butt Lift is actually a butt lift operation. Fat is extracted from areas of the body with excess fat (usually the abdomen and hips) and injected into the buttocks, resulting in a butt and waist structure that is steeper, more rounded and with more defined lines.

    What Should Pay Attention To After The Butt Lift Operation?

    After the operation, person should lie on their face for a few weeks, and continue to use a special corset that the surgeon will give. Exercises such as light walking can only be started at the end of 1 month. In order to maintain the desired butt shape, care should be taken not to sit for a long time for the first 1 month.