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Maje Clinic


*Maje Clinic is a sub-brand of the BBLab Health Tourism brokerage company.

Aesthetics, Beauty and Health Tourism

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Appointment Form

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    Randevu Talep Et

    saç ekimi sakal ekimi bıyık ekimi kaş ekimi kirpik ekimi
    Fabulous Choice for Your Hair...
    Hair, Eyebrow, Eyelash, Mustache and Beard Transplant

    Hair Transplant Istanbul

    From your hair to your eyebrows, from your eyelashes to your mustache and beard; We are at your side with our personalized, innovative planting techniques to restore your original and impressive appearance.

    We Are With You Step By Step!

    Our Services

    sağlık turizmi otel

    Pick up at the airport and transfer to the hotel

    We welcome you at the airport and transfer you to the hotel room we have reserved for you.

    sağlık turizmi randevu

    VIP transfer between Hotel and Hospital

    We make an appointment for you from the doctor you want for the health service you need and we help you during the treatment.

    Homepage EN

    Personalized Translator Support

    For our customers from abroad, we enable them to communicate with doctors through translators.

    Istanbul Aesthetic Clinic

    Aesthetic Surgery

    As Maje Clinic, we are with you on your beauty journey with our expert team and up-to-date technologies in our aesthetic surgery clinic in Istanbul. We are waiting for you for an experience where you will feel safe.

    istanbul estetik cerrahi kliniği
    Have Your Ideal Body...
    istanbul medikal estetik kliniği
    The Easiest Way to Highlight Your Beauty...
    Medical Aesthetic Operations

    Medical Aesthetics

    We guide you on your journey of youth and freshness with medical aesthetic operations and revolutionary stem cell treatments. Express your beauty freely with scientific advances.

    Stomach Surgery

    Bariatric Surgery

    Are you ready to step into a healthy and balanced lifestyle with our team specialized in obesity surgery and stomach surgeries? We are moving you to a lighter and happier future.

    Obezite cerrahisi mide ameliyatı
    A Light and Happy Life is Waiting for You...
    ağız ve diş estetiği
    Aesthetic, Healthy and Happy Smiles...
    Mouth and Dental Surgery

    Oral and Dental Health

    Get a healthy and attractive smile with our mouth and dental aesthetics and surgical services that will reshape your smile. With our expert team, we offer the best care and aesthetic results.